Ele Allmäe

Customer Relations Coordinator


I have worked at the Kurg & Korsten real estate office for almost three years. In this short, yet long period, there have been many personal and professional successes and failures. The world of real estate is interesting, changing, challenging and evolving, and my work is exactly the same. In addition, my hard-working, close-knit and irreplaceable team makes me happy every day.

what brought you to real estate?

My fickle nature brought me to real estate. I have been active “behind the scenes” in the real estate world for almost 15 years. I started with the furnishing, management and administration of a holiday resort in a foreign country and continued in the same direction when I returned to my home country.

what facinates you?

In real estate, you don’t have the problem of getting bored doing the same thing in the office every day. I like versatile and meaningful work. In addition, I have always been interested in what is happening in the real estate world, and it is very exciting to watch it from the front row.

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